I hate the feeling of not being good enough. I hate the feeling of thinking that I am in a shitty relationship. I hate the feeling of the one who is being dumped on all the time and never like a princess. I don’t want to sound conceded but I really do think I deserve better sometimes. I know that I am not perfect by any means but I don’t think I deserve this shit.

Heres another thing though. I know I am not being treated poorly. Right now I am really vulnerable to feelings and sadness because of recent events but that doesn’t mean I should get the short end of the stick.

My head is spinning out of control right now, it is even hard for me to focus on these keys and this screen. I just think I need a timeout from life. A breather where I can sit and cry or pray or something and not be bothered by anything. I don’t know how I am supposed to be able to get that though. How am I supposed to get solitude and silence and time.



2 thoughts on “WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL

  1. Anonymous

    You are good enough. You’re perfect in your own way. You’re a perfect circle, but you’re with people who think that a square or a triangle is actually perfect, so they try to shove you through the hole that’s the wrong shape and when it doesn’t work, they hurt you, because they think it’s your fault.

    College will change you, it changes everyone. Don’t rush to find your soulmate like it’s the end goal. Find what makes you happy, learn from your experiences, and soon you’ll know exactly the person you need and that needs you. Maybe I’m crazy and I have no idea what I’m talking about, but just know there’s people, like myself, who love you. I know you’re tough as hell, but lean on those around you, because some of us are patiently waiting for the chance to demonstrate how much we care about you.

    I laugh at the thought of something getting in your way… You got this Alex 😉

    1. Hello lovely. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate everything you said but who are you dear? I would love to know who this is, and if I know you. Not too many people know about this blog so reveal yourself mystery person. Please and thank you! 🙂

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