Hi there everyone! I feel as though this blog is so up and down all of the time but you know, I give zero cares. This post is just honestly because I am bored and I really miss talking to you all without actually talking to you, cha feel? Goodness I am in a weird weird mood. Anyway, I just got back from Thanksgiving break and am currently avoiding studying for finals, go me. I brought my boyfriend back to Colorado with me to meet my family, remember the one that I freaked out about in my last post. Well things aren’t normally like that, we just were in a little argument or something. Haha anyways, things are pretty much marvelous. When we were back in CO he told me he loved me, and let me tell you, I love him right back. You guys, I honestly think this is the person I am going to marry. I just don’t know how to describe what I feel about him. It is just crazy. Ugh, now I am infatuated and I don’t know what else to say. Alright that is all for now loves, sorry for my randomness!



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