Wonderful or terrible

I am sitting in my english class right now, thinking to myself about how lucky I am. I look out the window to my right and I see a sunny day, with palm trees lining the streets and free flow of traffic, of life. This seems like a silly observation, like we see that kind of stuff every day. But if you really sit there and think about it, it is amazing to think that humans are smart enough to create cars, so that we can get from place to place and unfortunately be stuck in traffic. It is so fortunate for us that God put vegetation on this earth so that we can breathe as they photosynthesize. It is a beautiful thing that I am sitting upright, my spine holds my body up even if it is a little curved. There is breath coming out of my lungs and saliva being created in my mouth, tears can form in my eyes at the drop of the hat. These little things that we take for granted every day just woke me up and shook my heart. Why are we muddling through life and expecting all of these things to happen? I wake up every morning and expect my lungs to function like they did the day before. I expect the sun to rise and it to warm me up. I expect stupid things like my warm bed and running water when I brush my teeth. There are some people that are less fortunate than I and I wonder, do they expect things too? Do they expect to wake up every morning and not just survive but thrive? Or do they take the time to appreciate that they have been gifted with even the smallest of things. Makes you wonder about us. Why on earth, do we need to have the newest iPhone, or computer, or fancy food, or alcohol or whatever your guilty pleasure may be when they barely have anything.

It’s beautiful really. Their innocence. They don’t have to worry about petty things, worldly garbage. It is wonderful and terrible all at the same time.


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