Characters, twitter and more.

hello. i am kinda a crazy spirit but i just love life. not much else you need to know but i am an open book and i love the ideas and inspiration. feel free to love me, hate me, befriend me or just enjoy my blogs. be kind to one another.

In my life, I have had many experiences that inspire my stories. This can be taken as a little disclaimer if it really bothers you that much. Most of this stuff is WAY embellished but partially true stemming from a specific event or time period. I can honestly say that I love all of the people I write about, unless otherwise specified and the only thing I change about the people are their names. Most of their personalities are the same on here as they are in real life. Keegan, is a real person, and he is my everything. I am so thankful for everyone’s support and continually am blessed and humbled by my amazing life.

I would love your feedback. Comment to your hearts desire. Find me on twitter at alexnicole865.

Nicole Alex Cadwell ‘Nic’
Keegan Bradley Nicole’s Boyfriend
Paul Zachary Cadwell Nicole’s Brother
Logan Grayson Hathaway Long lost and forgotten love
Novalee Nikita Nation ‘Nova’ Nicole’s best friend
Noel Zachary Whitney Nic’s First boyfriend
Paris Kirsten Sparks Nic’s Best Ffiend
Rowen Anne Caverly Quiet but amusing
Coco Kaelin Frueff The bitch of the group
Skye Emily Radford The crazy one
Celsete Colleen Lubianco The do whatever she pleases one
Scarlett Kathryn Borders Too much to say
Nevaeh Bailey Tomlinson Best friend since birth
Isaiah Spencer Turner Keegan’s best friend
Eli Derek Wilson Keegan’s best friend
Cameron Conner Cole Friend of Keegan
Xavier Kai Soto Friend of Keegan
Luis Anthony McCoy Friend of Keegan
Ryder Tyler Bauman Friend of Keegan
Andrew Jack Chandler Friend of Keegan
Gavyn Will Jennings Keegan’s arch nemesis
Landen Bobby Klein Friend of Keegan
Benjamin Ethan Sievert Friend of Keegan


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