Hello, beautiful humans!

Life update time! Everything has been super busy but let me just start off my saying college rocks my socks. My experiences here have been more than wonderful, they have completely exceeded my expectations. Life is honestly so good right now. I have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, school work can get a little stressful but we already knew that.

To start, friends. Friend wise, the list of people I meet expands every day. That’s the wonderful thing about college is that everyone is so friendly and you never stop being friendly. If I were to walk up to a random person around campus they would engage in a conversation with me. It is kinda the coolest thing ever to me. People are so nice here and I am sure that it is like that at a lot of other places. Something silly that I noticed is that boys always hold doors no matter how far away you are and I freaking love that like what? I love that everyone loves Jesus here too. It is not hard find people who share the same faith and beliefs as you do. My professors are like that too. Most of them even start off class with a prayer over the students. I love it here so much. I have a wonderful roommate too, she is the light of my life. She cracks me up every single minute of every single day. Love her to death. My suite mates are wonderful too. They’re the kind of people that anyone could enjoy and thats super annoying because I wish I could be that kind of person but we all know that I am not but that is totally okay. Both of them are from California and they are just so beach and fun and it makes me jealous but hey, its cool, I am not bitter at all. Jk a little but I love them.

Next, the boyfriend. We have been hanging out for about two weeks now and I met him through a mutual friend from back home. Let me tell y’all, he is wonderful. I actually have zero bad things to say about him. It’s not like a he’s cute but his personality sucks. He is absolutely marvelous. I can say, right here and right now that I love this man and I will be marrying him one day. Now I know that’s super weird and creepy since I have known him for like a month and only been hanging out with him for like two weeks but I love him. There was a moment when I just knew and I wish I could just tell you all about it but it was so indescribable, I can’t even put it into words. So right here, right now, in this moment, you all know that I have found the boy that I am going to marry.

Last but always first, Jesus. Since I have been here, I have fallen in love with Jesus. This is different from ever before. I am falling in love with Him more and more every day. More than I could ever really love anyone. I think it is wonderful too. He fulfills me like no one else can and I wish I could show him as much love as he shows me but I don’t think that it is humanly possible. God’s love is agape. This is a love that we will never be able to feel as humans. His love surpasses all earthly love and completely takes over everything that we are, have been, and will ever be. Thank you Jesus for giving me life and for loving me, despite all of the awful things I have done in my life. I thank you for everything and I praise you for all of your goodness.

Sleep well lovelies, I hope you are prospering and living as fully and thankfully as I am right now.

All my love, Nicole


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