Just you wait and see.

Wow, what a crazy world we live in huh? Sometimes I wonder how some people get by with the things that they do. Its kind of outrageous to me what some people are capable of. We live every day exactly like the last, with no variety and hardly any choice. Well that’s how it is for me at least. Growing up in the public school system, I learned my ABC’s and how to read and write and how to solve for x and how to write an impressive thesis statement but I didn’t really want to do those things. I really wanted to learn instead of hating what I was doing. My wonder for the world went away and I got caught in a routine of waking up and doing the same thing I do every single day then going to sleep at night. We have created this nonsense in our minds that we all must grow up the same, learn the same things, be the same people, be unprepared for real life but don’t worry, I know what Pythagorean’s theorem is or at least I did 20 minutes before I took that test. My concern is why don’t I like learning anymore. How the heck am I supposed to balance my checkbook or buy a house or pay for that house. I feel crazy unprepared for next year even when I am shipped off to college along with the rest of my senior class this year. We are all pretty much expected to go to school for another four years and maybe it is crazy for me to say this but why oh why, do I HAVE to go to college? Because when it comes down to it, is there really any other option, I mean I could take a gap year but then what, college. I’m definitely not smart enough to start my own business or at least that is what I have been told. I will probably end up as a teacher or a hairdresser because I won’t be given the chance to do what I really want to do since there is always someone better out there. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I just feel so defeated; I will never be as good as the next person. And maybe that is just a fact that I need to accept but why should I? It is ridiculous to think that we are all the same. “If you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein said that. If one of the smartest men in history got this concept, why doesn’t everyone else? You should just know, I will be doing great things one day. Just you wait and see.


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