New new new.

Today was a hard day. I thought taking down all of the pictures of my past life would make me sad but instead it brought me to this harsh realization of moving on. I needed it so bad. I think I was clinging to these memories thinking that they would help to ease the pain. I think they were hindering moving on though. Having to look at them every day was making things worse for me and now I realize its okay to find someone else or to not find someone else. Its okay to be okay and to be happy. It really is okay to date and to have fun. I don’t know why I was holding myself back from so much before but now I really know that everything worked out to be what is best for me. I know in the midst of a messy break up, it all feels wrong, like it shouldn’t have turned out that way. But on this side of it, I am so glad it did. Without breaking up with Bradley I never would’ve found myself or someone else. Crushing on someone is such a fun thing, especially when they crush back. New year new me right? Well I think this boy will help even if it never goes anywhere it’s nice to know I have him by my side now.


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