The hardest thing about being a senior in high school is all of the loneliness. Being surrounded by people constantly, almost every minute of everyday yet somehow feeling like you’re all by yourself. Old friends become distant acquaintances, old enemies become new best friends and we are forced to evaluate every relationship we have in life. Is it worth it to put this much effort into this if I won’t be in contact with them next year? Is this person really making me better and building me up rather than tearing me down? Do I even want to be friends with them? All of it seems so difficult right now but I know I will look back and think about how simple life is right now. I think about all of the things I wish I had, and the list is not a short one, but I also think why not enjoy the now? Wanting so badly to do that has almost interfered with my abilities to do so. I want to be involved, loved, thought about, but I simply don’t know how to do so. I tell everyone else to get off their booties and put themselves out there but I can’t seem to follow my own advice. Loneliness doesn’t seem uncommon either. The other seniors talk about their friends and their glamorous lives but seem to be alone on the inside. Things aren’t always what they seem and it’s hard to realize that sometimes, but what can you do right?


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