Who knew love could be so great.

When people get married the exact words to seal the deal are ‘I do.’ I do can mean so many things. It’s like saying I do agree to care for you when you’re sick, I do agree to love you in all of your craziness, I do agree to be by your side whenever you need me, I do agree to love you forever. I do is a forever promise to be by someone’s side for the rest of your lives, ’till death do us part.’ When you say I do it affirms the idea of love. You get married because you love someone. You don’t see sworn enemies getting married, only those in love. When you’re in love, not much else matters in the world or no one else matters. People truly in love fight about there problems. Most people like to say it’s bad to fight and better to just have disagreements, but without a fight, how would anything ever be resolved? That’s the thing though. Sometimes even fights don’t bring resolution to all matters. Sometimes you just have to forgive and forget. There are some things that are unforgivable though. Some things that can never be worked out. I don’t understand those things. If you love someone enough, nothing should stand in the way right? You look at high school sweethearts and think, wow what a truly amazing couple, putting up with each other through everything. Then there are those family friends who watched each other grow up and literally know everything about the other person. Then there’s the amazing ones who are able to meet once and fall in love at first sight, without all the background or growing up together, just two people, no matter the circumstances.
When I was growing up, I wanted to be with someone who looked at me the way my dad looked at my mother. True love and adoration. My father is the kindest man I will ever know and has always been there for my mother waiting on her hand and foot, treating her like a princess for over twenty years. You can tell he is one of those who is truly in love. It is inspiring to see the sparkle in his eyes when she appears. Its crazy to think he has always loved her. Even before I was here, he loved her. Even when she was angry or upset, he always took the blame and always prioritized her. That’s the kind of thing I want. Not someone who completely smothers me or treats me like I am better than them but someone who loves me because they think I have cute morning hair, or thinks that all of my freckles are beautiful. I want someone who thinks that the abnormal spaces between my toes are unique instead of weird and my excessive need for change, adorable. 
I can’t imagine a life without love. Who knew it was such a powerful thing. Beyond a shadow of a doubt it is the most amazing thing we have in this life. It is like the first snow of the season or like I have said earlier, magic. Who knew love could be so great.

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