Me without you.

I found this adorable little book that I just have to share with you. It’s called Me Without You and goes like this.

Me without you is like sky without blue. foot without shoe. hair without do. cow without moo. dove without coo. kung without fu. biker without tattoo. ghost without boo. morning without dew. restaurant without menu. eskimo without igloo. tango without two. party without YAHOO! peak without a view. much without ado. harry without you-know-who. paddle without canoe. chimney without flue. clock without cuckoo. cat without mew. detective without a clue. kanga without roo. doctor without who. wreck without rescue. zoo without gnu. how without do-you-do? antique without value. rainbow without hue. tea without brew. picnic without loo. bells without blue. cock without a-doodle-do. pool without cue. doctor with flu. a cook without his sous. a witch without her brew. yacht without crew. mowgli without baloo. shoo-bee without doo. politician without an issue. a saint without a virtue. mercenary without coup. svengali without ingenue. a ballerina without a tutu. kublai khan without xanadu. an unfinished haiku. ram without ewe. choochie-choochie without coo. yabba without dabba-doooo! muscle without sinew. a sneeze without a-choo. disciple without guru. potty without poo. cold fondue. a panda without bamboo. a picture that’s askew. a flat kazoo. a non-spicy vindaloo. a book that’s overdue. I knot I can’t undo. boo hoo hoo hoooooooooooo. me without you!? what would I do? boo! phew!

I hope you know I love you.


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