So much more.

I tried to remember everything about that day. From the little facial expressions he made, his callused hands that held tight to mine, the brisk wind that made us scoot closer together fighting for a little bit of the others warmth. His arm tight around my waist as we said goodbye to my mother and set out on our journey to the famous Daniels Park. It’s one of those magical places that takes your breath away. You walk away wondering how the trees could be that many colors and how the sunset could look so peaceful but somehow thunderously loud at the same time. It was beautiful and perfect. It was like the night we laid out on the grass and looked at the stars. This night was special because soon he would be gone for a week on vacation with his family, out of the country, and out of my reach. We had gotten a schedule of when we saw each other at school and on weekends, essentially spending every moment we could together. I had barely gone a day without him since we had gotten back together. A week doesn’t seem like much, and in the grand scheme of things it isn’t, but when you’re this young, it can feel like the whole world to you.

After Daniel’s Park, we went back to his dad’s empty condo to pick up some of his clothes. Due to the fact that his parents got a divorce a couple years ago, they moved on to their separate lives, leading his dad to get remarried. This condo that he had, was because he had moved in with his current wife and had yet to get around to selling it. It is a nice little house and very suitable to their routines. Keegan was grabbing a few things from the house on our way to another friends house. He was taking forever so he showed me to his room and told me to make myself at home. By the time he had gathered what he needed, it had been more than a half an hour so I was lounging on his bed checking up on my twitter feed. I remember he had told me the night before because of some bet I had lost, I had to “make the first move next time.” I saw this as the perfect opportunity, since it was just the two of us. He sat down on the bed next to me and just simply said hi with a enormous smile on his face. Just one simple little lingering kiss was all it took for him to reciprocate dive right in. He has always been good at reading the tempo of things. Gentle when need be and more aggressive when need be. He is always passionate and really focused on the current moment and nothing else. When things become more serious he becomes more intimate, almost willing himself to be closer to me, physically and emotionally. Sometimes the emotional connection is all it takes but sometime a physical touch, skin to skin contact is what is needed. I think he felt the need for skin to skin contact that night as he became even more gentle lifting my shirt ever so much that when I lifted his shirt, the warmth from our bodies connected through the contact of actual touch.
That moment when your hands touch for the first time is a feeling that sends butterflies straight to your stomach, but when your bodies and skin touch for the first time, its a feeling you can’t even describe. I love him that much more.


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