It sure is working.

Am I not good enough for you or something? Do you not feel the need to make me happy? Do you not want to be around me all the time? And you feel the need to flirt with my friends in front of me? I don’t understand the logic that goes through boys heads. I mean what have I done to make you think I don’t love you? This is a crazy ride we have been on and sometimes it sucks but most of the time, it’s pretty beautiful. Even having said what I have, I will always love you. That night that we kissed for the first time in a long time was an amazing night. We worked things out. My friends haven’t always been as supportive as they should be and choose to ridicule him even when there is no reason to. People just don’t understand how we can work things out and forgive each other, even after the things that we have done or said. A lot of people don’t understand how our forgiveness is easier than most and how we know we can always forgive each other no matter what. All this is just leading up to me telling you that he asked me to homecoming finally. He gathered his friends all up and made a plan. They got in the bed of Eli’s truck and rode up and down my street, screaming at me with a sign over their heads. He brought me roses and the night was really special. The next night, I gave him my reply, which was a yes of course. My friend, her boyfriend and I, got balloons, glow sticks, streamers and many other fun things to essentially, wreck his lawn. At the end of his drive way we lit a ‘YES’ on fire with the gel from catering lamps, which glowed purple. (Comment if you want to know how, it’s brilliant!) We pulled it off without any of his family finding out until we were good and ready. After the big unveiling, Keegan and I, came back to my house. We were pretty much stumped on what to do at almost 10:00 at night until we realized all we really wanted to do was lay in each others arms. We gathered some blankets and sleeping bags and trudged off to the park. The sky is impeccably clear at the park by my house so we layed down in the grass and stared at the stars for a while. Now I know what you’re thinking, how cliché, that kind of stuff only happens in movies right? Well it was pretty much the best night of my life up until this point. He is always so gentle and tricky. Pointing at a star then meeting my lips with his as I look over to where his finger is leading to. His arms create the tightest most safe hug that I have ever experienced, making me want to stay in that moment forever. I don’t know what he does to make me love him, but it sure is working.


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