All becuase of you.

All those nights of talking, all those nights of crying, all those nights of pouring my heart out to him mean everything in the world now. We would never be where we are today had we not expressed everything we were feeling. Knowing that he didn’t want to lose me, knowing that he really truly wanted to be with me, was all it took. Before our eyes were wide shut. Then miraculously our eyes became wide open, along with the rest of ourselves. After all the fights and all of the harsh things said and worked out, everything changed. He started trying, making me feel like I was wanted, like I was worth something. I was worth something and I am worth something. Sometimes there are greater issues in life than your own but just because someone has it worse off than you, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be loved. What is a life without any living and without any beauty. Love is one of the things that gets me through the day. Holding my hand, putting your arm around my shoulder, giving me “the look.” I still get butterflies and way too excited when I receive a text from you. My heart skips a little beat when I see you for three seconds in the hallway. When you put your arms around my shoulders and give me forehead and cheek kisses. I just can’t get enough. Now that we are mostly caught up with my life, with some exceptions, I feel the need to express what I am feeling twenty-four hours a day. I started reading again. I opened up again. I started living again, and it’s all because of Keegan.


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