First of many.

After that night, I think both of us were a little nervous when we were around each other. We were hanging out one night with his friends when Nevaeh showed up. I didn’t see her all summer and hadn’t talked to her otherwise. It was sufficiently awkward for the both of us and since she had been the one to set Keegan and I up, she felt awful. She had blamed herself for even getting us together in the first place and causing my heartache. She didn’t know I was going to be there and neither did I know about her. I was never able to blame something like that on her because she was always there for me. Her being there was almost a blessing in disguise. Keegan’s best friend Eli Wilson and him were fighting at the time because Eli had this crush on me. I didn’t know about it and hung out with Eli and the rest of his friends without Keegan. Keegan blamed me for Eli being mad at him and unrightfully so. He was unable to blame his anger on his friends who caused his anger, so he took it out on me. Despite a two hour phone call with many tears shed about being unable to compete with the conflicts in his life, we still hung out the Saturday after like I was saying earlier. That night we went to the park for a while just to mess around. That’s where Eli brought Nevaeh. After we spent a few hours at the park we headed to Village Inn for a late night snack. After we were done eating, I got a very heated phone call from my mother about hanging out with Keegan and how she didn’t approve of it. I was visibly upset unfortunately which caused Keegan to go into protective mode and push until he could uncover the reason I was upset. We drove over to his friend Cameron Cole’s house and didn’t even make it inside.

Can we just go somewhere to talk?

We drove off without telling anyone where we were and sped off to a park.
Our conversation consisted of self righteousness from both of us and simple I’m sorry’s. After and hour and a good ten minutes of constant silence, he grabbed my hand, looked deeply into my eyes and said,

I miss this.

Right then, it became like the first night we kissed when I closed my eyes and opened them to the feeling of his lips against mine. I got my last kiss but I knew for sure it wasn’t going to be the last, it was the first of many.


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