Come After Me

Without a doubt in my mind I knew Keegan was always going to be there in the back of my head. Whether he was just a friend or maybe someday more, he was coming after me. We always had this bet. We weren’t allowed to send each other one word answers over text. If we did we lost the bet and the other person got a prize. We had many prizes throughout our relationship. Silly things like candy or a movie night. It wasn’t until after our break up did the bet become serious. 

I know what I want this time.

He sounded mysterious and almost concerning. Whenever he said something like this , I knew he was about to be very straight forward with me. 

What do you want, Keegan?

I have to admit, I was uber skeptical about what he was about to send me. 

Your blog url.

Oh shit was the first thing that came to my head but not wanting to show any fear I confidently said,

Alright. You got it. I know what I want then.

What might that be?

I want to meet your family for real and I want you to give me something. 

There was no way I was backing down, I always won these bets and I had a feeling my winning streak was going to continue. 

Not fair! Two for one?

Yes two for one. I want one last kiss.


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