How much I loved Him.

Prom was an amazing experience. I was so lucky to go being that I was a sophomore, dating a junior. Prom is something I had dreamed about my entire life. I remember when I was little and my aunt would take me to get my nails done for my birthday which is right around prom time. I always idolized the girls who got all dressed up with their perfect hair, smile, make-up, everything about them was stunning and they always looked so incredibly happy. I had always wanted that. Paris helped me get ready and she was amazing that day knowing how happy it was making me. She was there the night he asked me. We were having a girls night in our pj’s with popcorn, sappy movies, and of course tons of junk food. He called me and asked, “You don’t happen to be home do you?” Of course I was a little hesitant to answer since I was a little less presentable than I would of like but reluctantly answered with a “Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Just go outside really quick.” I immediately knew what was going on and the butterflies came on. I was so excited and nervous. My stomach was in knots knowing that he cared enough to ask. Paris and the rest of the girls followed close behind as I ran out into his arms to find a huge “PROM?” banner on his car. It was an amazing moment, he had flowers and an audience. It was perfect.

When the night of the dance rolled around, I was so eager and nervous. Like I said Paris did my make-up and helped me with my dress. When he got there, like I was saying last time, it was a very cliché where I walked down stairs and Paris opened the door to reveal the screen door where he was standing. His jaw actually dropped. I felt like a princess in that moment. He escorted me out to the car where we rushed off to pictures with our group. This is when I pinned his boutonniere and he gave me my beautiful white rose corsage. The whole night was like a fairytale. We went to dinner at P.F. Chang’s. Giggles and laughter filled the evening while we all enjoyed each others company. We rushed off to the dance and hour late, fashionably if you ask me. We walked in to ‘A Starry Night.’ Twinkling lights everywhere and fabulous music. We danced, kissed, and loved the whole night away. After the perfect evening, we scurried away to after prom. After prom is half of the experience. We couldn’t have had more fun. We gambled, messed around on the jumpy castles and played many many games. The thing I can remember most about that night was the drive home and sitting with him in my driveway, watching the sunrise. He is so gentle in the way he moves with me and the way he kissed me. Sitting in his car for two hours, caressing each others hands and biting each others lips. One of the most memorable moments in my entire life. This was one of those nights that helped me understand just how much I really did love him and how much I always will love him.


2 thoughts on “How much I loved Him.

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