Eyes, lips, face.

After that day that Logan texted me and I was thrown into Keegan’s arms, we became inseparable. Nevaeh helped me with Logan and with the right words to say to at least hold him off for a little while. Keegan and I were like two magnets that couldn’t be away from each other at the beginning of our relationship. It had been two months and we hadn’t had our first kiss yet. We hung out all the time and and we’re mad for each other. I remember the night it happened. We were over at my house and we had just finished a movie in the basement. We came up to my room to watch another. I remember loving his embrace and never wanting to leave his arms. We just laid on the bed for a while staring at each other. Talking, whispering quietly, just being together. Then I remember I said something he didn’t like and jokingly rolled away from me. I tried to console him and mend the moment. To no avail I laid back down on my back on the bed with my arms crossed and my eyes closed. I only opened them for a brief second when I felt a tap on my nose. My eyes met with his, while his whole body was on top of mine and our faces so close I could smell the peppermint on his breath and the Burt’s Bee’s on his lips. The time leading up to a kiss is one of my favorite parts. There is electricity flying between the two of you and you know it’s coming before it happens. The anticipation of the kiss is the excitement of the kiss. When he ever so gently pressed his lips against mine, I felt like flying. He was so deliberate and delicate with every move he made. Pushing my hair away from my face, wrapping his hand around the nape of my neck. It was so perfect and magical there wasn’t anything for me to do but long for more. It was beautiful I must say and one of the best nights of my life. He was the first boy I ever kissed and the first boy to really kiss me back.
If your eyes could speak, what would they say? In that moment when my eyes opened and met his, I had a thousand words going through my mind but only managed to force one out. Now.


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