See you again.

As fate would have it, Nevaeh would play a pretty big role in my life from here on out. One day after I decided to manage the baseball team with her, we were sitting at practice when I received a text from someone I hadn’t spoken to in years. Any guesses? 99% of you probably got this one right. It was Logan.
we need to talk.
Honestly I hate those messages with everything in my body. It’s so cryptic and it just makes your stomach drop. I had deleted his number and gotten a new phone since we last talked so I responded.
who is this?
Of course I wasn’t supposed to have any contact with him and at that time I had kind of forgotten about him. Nevaeh was skeptical from the beginning. She didn’t even want me to reply. The message I got back was even worse than the first.
I didn’t make it to the clouds and I need to talk.
My eyes widened, my heart stopped and Nevaeh had to catch me from falling off the bench. What is it with me and fainting?
Of course at this point all of the boys were messing around in the dugout and I had gotten to the point of hyperventilating. Nevaeh grabbed our things and drug me out of there. Keegan caught my eye as Nevaeh and I were fleeing. He probably saw the fear in my eyes causing him to race after us as we jumped into my car. Nevaeh locked the doors, turned on the air and blasted the music.
Next thing I knew, Keegan was at the passenger door where I was sitting, staring into my eyes, through the window. My phone started to vibrate in the center console and as soon as Nevaeh saw the number she quickly shut it off. She unlocked the door, pinched my shoulder to wake me from my trance, and shoved me into his arms.

You know that moment. When you’re eyes meet or your hand touch and sparks fly? That’s something I had always hoped and dreamed about. And I was about to get that moment. When Nevaeh pushed me out the door and into his arms, I felt it. Not like when he held me when I was going ballistic because I was thinking about Paul. I didn’t feel it before, but I felt it now. It’s like that Colbie Callait song. ‘Starts in my toes makes me crinkle my nose. Wherever it goes I’ll always know. You make me smile please stay for a while now, just take your time wherever you go.’ It’s that feeling. The feeling of butterflies all over your body and the feeling of sparks flying all around you. It really is a magical moment. I don’t know if he felt it then but I sure did.

We always seem to forget that everything is temporary. I mean, yeah okay, it crosses our minds once in a while and we might do something daring and out of our comfort zone but when that moment passes, it gets stored in the back of our minds and we continue living our lives as if there re plenty of tomorrow’s waiting for us. We postpone feelings and words to another day, another week, another month, another year. Everything is temporary. Forever is an empty promise.


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