Nevaeh Tomlinson.

The spring of sophomore year rolled around and this is baseball season in high school. An old family friend that I had known since before I was born was a manager for the JV at my school. Her name was Nevaeh Tomlinson. Nevaeh and I had always been close. When we did summer swim team together, our award at the end of the year was, ‘attached at the hip.’ We were inseparable, and so were our families. Now remember at the beginning of the story when I talked about my brother Paul getting hurt and Keegan coming to my rescue? Well Keegan was a baseball player. Baseball players were pretty high up on the social list if you know what I mean. Now I fell in love with Keegan the night he held me till I had no more tears to cry. I thought he didn’t remember me but when I went with Nevaeh to that first practice, something changed. We walked into the dugout and sat down waiting for the coach to come in. Nevaeh is a very impatient person so it didn’t take long before she was on her feet again looking for him. She left me in the dugout for five minutes and in that time period Keegan came in.
“Nicole! Hey, how are you doing?” was there another Nicole somewhere around or was I daydreaming. I gave him this dumbfounded ‘who me?’ look because like I said, I was dumbfounded.
“Keegan, wow I uh, I, uh…” I couldn’t get more than two words out. My jaw was freezing up and my throat was tightening. For a brief minute I had a vision of him putting his finger up to my lips and in a sexy accent saying, ‘no, no, no, don’t speak my love, just kiss me.’ Obviously that didn’t happen I just sat there with stars in my eyes until the other boys came flooding in with Nevaeh, and Keegan got lost in the crowd. I can imagine the silly look on my face, Nevaeh had to snap in front of my face to get me out of it. She knew something was up instantly and had to have every last detail.
“Keegan?! Piece of cake! I’ll snatch that boy up for you in a heartbeat,” she was surprising,y cool about it too knowing her crazy out of line demeanor. I have to admit, that girl could work magic with those players. She sure worked some magic for me and Keegan. Who knew, Neveah would be the one to start it all.


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