Living in peace, or not?

Chain reaction: a chemical reaction or other process that in which the products promote or spread the reaction, which may accelerate rapidly. Okay, let’s just forget the whole chemical part and replace it with ‘girls.’ A girls reaction in which the products (girls), spread the reaction quickly. Let’s relate this to gossip. What do we all know about gossip? It spreads fast. And I don’t mean like running to catch your bus fast. I mean telling a girl something then running to catch your bus and by the time you reach the bus, the bus plus the driver already know what you told her. Nothing can be a secret anymore and nothing is kept as it was first told. I admit, girls can be dumb. I can be dumb. I mean common, I’m still crying over a break up that happened over a month ago. Grow up Nicole. Girls are obsessed with being the best. At EVERYTHING. Clothing, money, school, boyfriends, sports, makeup, the list could go on for a few pages. Anyway, in my lifetime, I have experienced my fair share of gossip and it can turn out to be quite ugly. Let me tell you this little story about a ruined friendship. This is back when people actually thought my old relationship could work. He was a sensitive kid with a few family issues. Remember my friend Coco Frueff? I don’t think friend is exactly the right word for her after this little stunt she pulled. We were sitting in math one day talking about Keegan, my now ex boyfriend, and everyone seemed very happy about it. It didn’t dominate our conversations but we definitely talked about it a lot. I remember telling them that we had had our first kiss the night before, which is a whole other story for later. I got up and went to the bathroom and by the time I got back, it was time to pack up and leave that class. Novalee was in the same class and was talking to Coco when I was out of the classroom. As soon as we were out of Coco’s hearing range, Novalee says, ‘Coco is a mean person.’ Of course I was intrigued to know why Novalee was saying this about one of my closest friends so I asked her why. ‘She said that Keegan is too sensitive for you, he’s the girl in the relationship, and then turned around and said that if you weren’t with him she was going to be.’ Yeah, I know that doesn’t make sense one bit. She thought he was too sensitive, but she wanted him for herself? When I called her out on it, she just talked bad about him some more and then she proceeded to tell me she would never want to hurt me. Whatever. Talk about a ruined relationship. I know all about this girl drama and how one little thing can cause a chain reaction. Why can’t we all just live in peace huh?


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