My own two feet.

So there comes a time in a friendship when you know too much. You know too much about the other person, you know all their deepest darkest secrets or in my case, you know all of the nasty things your so called ‘best friend’ is saying to your other friends. I believed Paris and I were the best of friends and I thought she always supported me. I know she can have her own opinions about things and I respect that, I just don’t like that she is tainting other peoples view of me. I love her and support her but I don’t feel the same things from her. It’s never to late to make a new friend. There are thousands of people in my school who I would love to be friends with and I know would love to be friends with me without negativity. I know I deserve better than to be treated this way all the time. I know I am worth more and now I know I can finally stand on my own two feet.


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