Uh oh spaghetio.

Paris had this crush. He was a super hunky guy who would’ve actually been quite perfect for her, but like all good stories, he didn’t even know her name. Paris and I had a group of close friends. Rowen Caverly, the shy yet outrageously amusing one. Coco Frueuff, the one we all secretly couldn’t stand but no one had the guts to tell because we were all scared of her. Skye Radford, the innocent one who would later become the uncontrollable partier. Celeste Lubianco, the do whatever she pleases one. Of course there was Novalee Nation like I said before the shoulder to cry on and last but not least Scarlett Borders. I have a lot to say about all of them but each of them will have to get their own post because man they got a lot going on. Anyway, Paris was in love with this guy who didn’t even know her. The night of the Homecoming dance rolled around and I was the only one with a date. As we got to the dance after dinner and hours spent getting ready, my date decides he doesn’t want to dance with me but Novalee. Novalee being the kind of person she is, naturally sticks up for me and nearly slaps him across the face. That kind of put a damper in my night so we all decide to find Paris’ crush without Paris’ knowledge. It took us nearly two hours to find the kid and by that time there were about three songs left for the night. I being the only brave one out of all these girls, grab Paris and throw her into her dream guys arms, literally. Now from here I would like to say he looked into her eyes and they fell in love at first sight then danced the night away but that wasn’t the case. You know when you talk to the person you like and your throat tightens up and you get butterflies in your stomach, that’s kind of how Paris was except it was like her feet tightened instead of her throat. She tripped over her own self, ending up on the floor with her dress over her head. We all scrambled to cover her up and get her out of there. Needless to say she didn’t end up with her dream guy.


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