Oh the joys of high school.

High school. Oh the joys of high school. Well, from classes, to friends, to boys, to anything and everything pertaining to high school, I was a busy girl. New friends are hard to find but when you do, everything just seems a little bit better. Finding a guy makes everything better. I didn’t really settle into high school until my sophomore year, freshman year was just like all the years before, just go with the flow. When my sophomore year came around I really found my place in the school. I had one set group of girls that I hung out with and that was about it. Novalee was one of my best friends that year and the year before but one of the other people who got me through that year was Paris. Paris Sparks. Her name is so perfect for her its crazy. She really was a sparky one, but she was also beautiful. She was going to live in Paris one day and that made her name all the better. Anyway, Paris was the most amazing peptalker I have ever met. Who knows how she got so wise but she always had the answer to everything. Novalee and Paris never got along super well but I loved them all the same. That year I found myself in a what I would like to call ‘trial relationship’ which was just a silly thing that I don’t even like to talk about. 😉 Paris helped me get through that as well as some stupid friend drama that still continues to this day. What a kicker. That could take up a whole book in and of itself. Bottom line though, Paris was always there for me.


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