New drama.

Now it’s summer. The summer before freshman year. This was going to be a pool filled, theme park traveled, laid back kind of summer and it was. This was also the summer that I got my first job at chick-fil-a. Which was pretty uneventful for the first year. I was only fourteen though and it was pretty exciting to be earning my own money. Other than that, it was a very normal summer. I was going to be forced to make new friends because all my other friends were going to a different school so I got in touch with some old friends. This summer was the time when I started to prepare myself for high school because it seemed like a huge deal. High school is like a right of passage for a lot of things. Once summer was finally over and it was time to back to school I was ready and more than ecstatic. A fresh new start away from all of the old drama and now it was time for new drama. Fantastic.


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