Noel Whitney.

Maybe Logan was some crazy idea that I had made up in my head. ‘And they both lived happily ever after.’ Yeah right! After that night at my house, I wasn’t sure how to deal with this. Maybe I just find a new beau. That’s exactly what I did too. To fill that gap where he had been, I needed to find someone to help me move on, and that person was Noel. Noel Whitney. Like all good thirteen year old relationships, a hug was a big deal. I like to show Noel off in front of Logan, not to make him jealous but to try to prove to him (and myself) that I had moved on. Noel and I didn’t last long. He expected more than I did. It did get Logan’s attention though. Noel and I split right before summer, which was perfect timing. The next year we were off to high school and there would be no more threat of Logan because we were off to different schools. There was no time for Logan to make a move after Noel and I broke up. We were done and I made myself look like a complete wreck, surrounding myself with friends to keep everyone else away. (I have to take a personal moment here to apologize to Noel as well. I’m sorry if it seemed like I used you. My intention was never to hurt you.) Finally though, it was summer time. Time for tanned skin, parties were in, and everything else could be considered a blur.


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