Just a hole there now.

You know you have cried too much when your eyes don’t have any tears left to cry. You know you’re living in a cruel world when the only comfort you get is ‘well shit I am sorry.” You know you loved someone when you break up but you still spend endless hours thinking and crying over them. Relationships are hard. The rest of life is even harder. You wonder why you let yourself go through that for so long and you wonder how you will ever forgive yourself for letting it happen. The long hours you spent waiting for your person, waiting for him, seem like wasted time now. The long sleepless nights wondering why you ever needed him seem so irrelevant. Just when you had it all, it all gets taken away. That’s life though. Full of give and take but mostly take. Its different now. There’s a hole there with an odd shape that will never be full again because the piece that used to fit there, doesn’t anymore and nothing else ever will.


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