Novalee the firecracker.

Logan came back to school. I know that it shouldn’t bother me and there is nothing I can do about it but it did bother me and I wanted something to be done about it. He can’t uproot my life like this again. Things don’t work that way. He tried to talk to me once or twice in the hall, on the phone, in class. I just kept thinking, ‘what more does he deserve from me?’ My life was chaos now. I had one really good friend in middle school who was always there for me and always will be. It was like Nicole and Novalee against the world and nothing could ever break us. She was the only one who knew about Logan and she was the one who always gave the best advice. Novalee and I were always on the same level and it seemed as though we could’ve been twins separated at birth or something. We looked alike, thought alike, acted alike. I thought she would tell me I was doing the right thing not talking to him, but instead she took a different approach.

“You should just talk to him. He deserves a little don’t you think?” She decided to blurt this out right in the middle of the hallway where everyone could hear her.

“Could you keep it down Nova? He doesn’t deserve anything from me. The last thing he said to me a year ago was ‘see you in the clouds’ and I am supposed to just forget about it. Is that what you’re getting at?” It made me really upset to know she was almost taking his side on this.

“Nic, all I am saying is, he was your best friend aside from me. He knew you better than I did and even though the last few times he has spoken to you may not have been perfect, you’re willing to just throw all of it away? Nicole, I understand that you are mad. I would be beyond frustrated if I were you. But I know if the roles were reversed, you would want him to talk to you. You should just try it.” Maybe she had a point. I mean it had been a few weeks since our ‘go to hell’ encounter. I needed to try even though I hated that she was right. I needed to talk to Logan.


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