He is my everything.

Okay, I need to just pause the blog for a second just say a few things. My boyfriend is ahhhhmazing. This kid is my best friend and I don’t know what I could do with out him. Of course he is oh so attractive which means I am extremely lucky to have this boy. We’ve been testing each other a bit lately, almost like a first fight but he is my knight in shining armor. He calls me beautiful and no boy has ever done that before and actually meant it. I can hear the truth behind it. Everything we share is so special and I love every minute I get of him. He’s impressed by my movie collection and comes over just to cuddle. He tells me I am beautiful without make up on and no matter what I don’t have to try to impress him because it doesn’t really matter. All he wants is me. I am not trying to brag but he is my everything. I wouldn’t be where I am without him today and if he ever gets a chance to read this, I want you to know i care about you so much and I will never let you go. Thank you for everything. ❤


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