check yourself before you wreck yourself

I have had very few defining moments in my life. I can think of when I took off my last diaper and said, “NO MORE! I want the potty,” or the first time I rode a bike, went off to school, made my first friend. I guess a lot of things could count as a defining moment of our lives but in all reality there isn’t such a thing as a defining moment. A lot of things have helped me grow and become who I am but who I am isn’t because of one thing, it’s because of all of the things in my life. When my cousins grandfather ‘Bapi’ died, I didn’t think I was going to be able to handle it. Honestly I didn’t even know this man that well, but I knew how loved he was. I actually called my boyfriend and had a mini mental breakdown the night he passed away. That is an example of when I grew stronger because I knew if I could get through that, anything was possible. Of course I struggle, I am a sinner and I can’t really help myself but learning experiences like this have taught me one very clique thing. ‘Check yourself before you wreck yourself.’ Be kind to one another and love your life.


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