Maybe a prance, smile, or a wink.

The next day was a difficult one. Turns out the police got there before he tried to shoot himself. They got in a battle at gunpoint with him and knowing he wouldn’t be able to shoot himself before they did, he slit his wrists and lost just enough blood for him to pass out and be taken to the hospital. Why would Logan do something like this. My parents were now scared that I would think the same way Logan was thinking because of Logan. They had me on lock down and constantly were questioning me about him. My parents have always been loving and giving people, but when it came to this situation they were pushy. I was grieving and pushy was not what I needed. I thought maybe they would keep me home from school so no one would see the bags under my eyes and permanent mascara dried to my face from all of the crying. But I was wrong. They wanted me on lock down but somehow they decided it was a good idea for me to go to school.

Walking in without Logan was weird. I half expected him to prance around the corner of the building when I walked in to show of that brilliant smile and maybe if I was lucky a wink. But it was none of that. He wasn’t there at all. The realization of that at school made me break down in tears right there in the middle of the school hallway. I just needed Logan right now but I knew I couldn’t have him.


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