That’s okay with me.

When I was in the seventh grade I had a little crush on this boy and for all intensive purposes we can call him Logan. He was my best friend. No matter what he will always hold a special place in my heart. He was a friend that I always went to for everything. Logan was a tall handsome boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. You would’ve never expected us to be friends but we always were. Logan was a popular kid in the rich kid crowd. I was popular in my own crowd but not like his little rich society. I got to be his secret best friend but in some ways that was okay with me. I think up until Keegan, I was in love with Logan and I thought maybe he was in love with me too. Logan and I shared our deepest secret with each other. All of the secrets I knew about him could’ve ruined his life if they had gotten out and the same thing would’ve happened to me if mine had gotten out. I was scared though. Logan had a secret that could make me lose him forever. It could potentially cause harm to him but I promised him I wouldn’t say a word if he didn’t spill my secrets. I was stuck. His safety or our friendship.


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