When Everything Falls Apart I Hope You Hold Me Together

Keegan and I had never really met. You know those guys that every girl in the entire universe has a crush on, well Keegan is an example of that. In my little day dreaming mind, I believed by some miracle, Keegan would catch me that night that my whole world fell apart. The night I received one of the worst phone calls of my life Keegan was somehow there. My Brother Paul, was my best friend. He was an amazing soccer player and had excellent grades. I looked up to him and loved him more than anyone else in the world. One night when he had a simple little soccer game with his school, he became ecstatic when his coach decided to put him in for goalie. This was his chance to get in just the last bit of goal time before college tryouts coming up soon. He wasn’t in the game more than thirty seconds when his injury occurred. He went up into the righthand corner of the net, wings spread wide, soaring through the air. Within the time it took him to go up he was down flat on the ground. Paul was out cold. He had taken a fatal blow from another boys knee to his eye socket and as he made contact with the ground he had already become unconscious. When my shaken mother on the phone told me that Paul had to be rushed to the hospital I immediately wanted nothing more than the safety and health of Paul or at least that’s what I thought.


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