The Spark.

That night after everything started to settle down and settle in, my memory of the night started to come back. Keegan was the only one I had all night so I knew nothing of what was happening behind closed doors. Keegan said when I called him, I didn’t say anything, just cried for a while.

“You didn’t even need to explain, I just came and got you.” As he muttered those words I knew this boy was going to be the one. It wasn’t just a dream anymore I knew something was there. A spark of some kind. I never knew what I was missing until he sat and held me the whole night. Speaking soothing words and letting me know everything was going to be alright. Keegan was now my full on guardian angel. ‘Thank you’ was about all I could say after everything he did for me. When the doctor told me the frightening news, my attention was now fully focused on Paul, and only Paul.


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