Take me there.

Paul and I had grown up together loving each other and we had always been best friends. Paul always had my back, he even beat up a few kids here and there for me. If anyone else had been in the hospital like Paul was, Paul’s arms would’ve been where I was. But I couldn’t help but freeze knowing I couldn’t crawl into his arms and cry all the tears of udder sorrow I felt on this night. I couldn’t help but think as I sat in a crumbling mess on the floor with the phone in my hand, that I wanted to be with Keegan. I didn’t want to replace Paul because he would always be my brother and shoulder to cry on but in this moment, Keegan was the only person I could think about. I had no way of getting to the hospital and my mother was frantic since I probably hadn’t responded to a word she said for almost three minutes. I could feel my chest tightening and my eyes swelling shut. How would I bring myself to see Paul when I didn’t even have the ability to breathe anymore. Because Keegan was sixteen at the time, he was a licensed driver and it was completely legal for him to drive me around. I had barely forced out two words to him, but somehow I was able to have a whole conversation with him asking for his much needed help. I was in love with the kid, the least he could do would be to drive me to the hospital. I don’t remember the telephone conversation with him about having him come pick me up or getting into his car or even arriving at the hospital. The only thing I know is I got to see Paul.


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