So this is love.

Hi. My name is Nicole Cadwell and I am unseen. I am beautiful but no one knows. I don’t think all teenagers are awful. They are wonderful people who are trying to find themselves and survive high school. I thought I didn’t care what the other people thought. But then I fell in love with Keegan. Keegan had just moved from New York to my California. My home was fine until right up before he came. I try to see everything in a good way. Keegan I saw great. It was almost like I had been blind all of my life until I first saw Keegan. I hadn’t talked to him or even made eye contact with him but when I saw him I knew I had fallen in complete, absolute and total love with him. When I first saw him my veil was torn in two right from my face. I knew what it was like to be seen. People were asking my name and when I had moved there. I was a new person after Keegan. Everything suddenly changed. Keegan didn’t see me though. After he got there I turned into the average girl who pitied herself telling myself I would never be good enough for him. We could’ve been perfect or at least in my mind I thought so. Everyday was painful when I saw him. He, ironically, was an extraordinary student like myself. I was in a lot of classes I shouldn’t have been in but Keegan was in every single one of them with me. Keegan was like a guardian angel but hold the guardian. Keegan was beautiful. He was of course very attractive on the outside but the inside was what I saw. I like to think he was the one who finally broke me. He finally got me to be seen. I thought everything would be different because I cared now. My veil was gone and I was popular. Now everyone knew I was beautiful. Keegan was like the old me except everyone knew him. They saw him. He just saw the good and beautiful not the bad or ugly. His heart and mind were so pure just from the way he held himself. He was like prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, oblivious to the fact that his princess Ariel was right in front of him the whole time. Oblivious to me. I am not an arrogant person but when Keegan saw me he didn’t see me. It felt like before when I wasn’t seen at all. He was the only one who mattered though and he was all I could think about.


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