I’ll always catch you when you fall..in love. -A friend.

Falling in love with strangers. This seems like something I’m really good at. What is it about the idea of love that attracts me so much. Does love even seem appropriate for a high school girl, a sophomore at that. It seems perfectly healthy. For a girl, Nicole Cadwell, it would be the first relationship ever fostered with a person of the opposite sex. A first relationship is a big deal in a girls life. Full of ‘first time’ experiences. First kiss, first date, first time to fall in love. Nicole was unseen in life, especially around school. Not in a clique social way but, she was secretly beautiful and was an expert at hiding her beauty. She could have easily been one of the most popular girls in school but the imaginary veil she wore to hide herself always hid her from the rest of the world. Not one person had ever seen the person she was really meant to be. Nicole, the beautiful one, not only had outward beauty, but she was pure on the inside as well. She saw the love in the world and not the ugliness. If another person were to evaluate Nicole, they might think she was suicidal or something as silly as that but that wasn’t Nicole. Nicole was a beautiful girl who didn’t care what everyone else thought of her because no one saw her. Like in all good stories though, that could only be true for so long, because that is when she fell in love with a stranger.


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